A local WA brand crafting artisanal extreme knitted home décor and wares using only 100% premium 18-micron super fine Australian Merino Wool.

It's Pretty Knotted's products are ‘labours of love’ and are made from 100% Australian Merino Sheep’s Wool.

Merino Wool is a unique hypoallergenic material that will keep you warm and toasty in the winter, and comfy and cool in the summer.

We are passionate about every item that we create and all products are individually hand knitted to produce exquisite unique wares.

We place an emphasis on our superior quality wares and only knit with 18 microns (fibre width) which is super fine premium material with a baby soft texture.  Other extreme knitters typically use 23-microns wool that is of inferior quality and makes for products that have a coarser texture that is not so dreamy and soft to touch.

About Wendy McClelland

As a creative artist, I have always been captivated and inspired by the arrays of colours and textures that exist amongst textiles and have worked with them for most of my life.

I first got a taste for spinning and knitting in the early 80s when one of the craft’s founders in Western Australia - Mrs. De La Hunty, shared her skills and passion for working with wool with me. I was a young and eager apprentice living on the coastal town Albany, and she was a 91-year-old teacher who never let her near blindness and stiff wizened fingers get in the way of her expert use of the spinning wheel.

Many years later, I discovered the beautiful Merino woolen tops that I now work with. I love the feeling and texture of the product and the beautiful yarn that it produces. I love how it is so soft and that it turns the notion that wool is itchy and uncomfortable completely on its head. Merino fibres are so much finer and softer than other standard wools. As a next to skin layer, Merino wool is hard to beat.Another feature of Merino wool which is wonderful is that it has a natural oft that traps heat very efficiently between the fibres, making it warmer than a synthetic of the same weight. It is such an amazing product that I feel passionate about and is the foundation of It's Pretty Knotted's products.